Rules and Regulations

Deadline : 15th January 2019, 12:00 midnight IST


Note: Films can be submitted through our 'Filmfreeway' portal.


1) Quality: 720p or above 

2) Duration: Entries should not exceed 20 minutes (including titles and credits) 

3) Only films completed on or after 1st January, 2016 are eligible for the festival. The short films must be uploaded no later than 25th January, 2018.

4) If the film is not in English, then it must have hard coded English subtitles. 

5) All submissions will be screened and evaluated by the RNFF Selection Committee. Their reports are final and confidential. The selected films will be screened at the film festival. 

6) The entries which do not comply with the rules and regulations are liable to be rejected. 

7) The short film must not contain any copyright work(s) belonging to third parties unless: 

      Participants have a license to use such works in the film. 
      Usage of found footage which doesn’t hold any copyrights is allowed. 

8) Once submitted, the entries cannot be withdrawn for any reason whatsoever. 

A maximum of only two persons from the team, who submit the entry, will be considered as the ‘Participants’. All communications from our side will accrue only to them. 


Participants will have free entry to the Film Festival.

Contact us

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Zephyr: +91  9591815464


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